Mapping Voter Anger, Foreclosure Rates By District

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If much of the electorate is driven by anger, much of that anger is driven by foreclosures.

As Patchwork Nation has measured the number of tea party "meetups" in the last four months, one type of congressional district has stood out - those that have witnessed great population growth in the last decade, the districts we call Booming Growth.

Looking at foreclosures since January, it is precisely those districts that have faced the toughest times. There are 38 foreclosures for every 1,000 homes in those places. And remember, those figures are just the beginning. They equal lost home values that prevent moving for some, and lost nest eggs that mean delayed retirement for others. A map of foreclosures by congressional district is on the Patchwork Nation homepage.

In short, many in these districts are angry because there is a lot to be angry about. And these 56 districts, which are pretty evenly split between Democrats and Republicans, are likely to make an anti-incumbent shift toward the GOP next Tuesday.

The PBS NewsHour did a segment on the foreclosure mess and politics on Thursday night.

However, anyone who wins a seat in Congress from these districts should take note. Many analysts believe the housing crisis won't improve for years -- the answer most give is, "it will take time." That means there is no quick fix for the foreclosure/housing price anger in those places, either.

Furthermore, this latest set of foreclosure data also suggests the housing pain is spreading out into new areas that had avoided the pain up to now. In other words, the number of angry voters out there may only grow.

If you thought 2010 was the year of the angry voter, wait until 2012.